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Serato Introduces Serato DJ Pro With Tons Of New Features

Serato Introduces Serato DJ Pro With Tons of New Features

The highly anticipated Serato 2.0 has been released. Welcome the new Serato DJ Pro.

Not only does the update come with a new name but it also delivers some exciting new features:

Practice Mode

There is a brand new Practice Mode that allows DJs to use two decks in offline mode without any hardware connected to practice their mixes and transitions before their gigs. You’ll be have access to a cross fader, tempo control, the sync option, and use of your cues and loops.

64-bit Support

The next big feature of Serato 2.0 is one you might not notice but is extremely important. Serato DJ now has 64-bit support for both Windows and Mac OS which means it performs better than ever with virtually no limit on both music and video library size.

HD Display

Pro DJ now supports higher resolution display. If you have a computer with retina, 4K, or HD display you will immediately notice the difference in quality. The DUI is much cleaner looking, the text is sharper and easier to read, and the rest of the elements look crisp. You can turn this feature on or off in the Set Up screen but beware as it uses more resources from your computer

New Cue Point Layout

This new option mirrors the layout of the drum pads on your DJ mixer or controller. It feature is meant to be helpful for DJs that may use tone play or drumming during their live sets. To select this option go to the Set Up screen and click on Performance Pad Cue Layout.

There are many more small features, changes, and bug fixes that have come with the new update. You can read the full list in Serato’s official release notes here.

We’re very excited here at Remixed & Mashed to test out Serato’s new stable and much more powerful interface.