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Remixed & Mashed Refund Policy

How to Cancel Service:

For credit card payments:

• Click on ‘ACCOUNT’ in the main menu
• Click on ‘EDIT ACCOUNT’

For Paypal payments:

• Log in to your personal Paypal account through
• Click on the ‘Activity’ Tab
⁃ Click on Remixed & Mashed LTD
⁃ Click on ‘Manage Remixed & Mashed LTD’ payments
⁃ Click on ‘Cancel’
⁃ Pop up window will appear to confirm; click ‘Cancel Profile’

Cancel 72 Hours Prior To Recurring Payment

If you wish to cancel your subscription to Remixed & Mashed, please make sure to cancel a minimum of 72 hours prior to your recurring payment to ensure that the payment is not processed on your account. Remixed & Mashed does not issue any refunds for payments that have already been applied and are not responsible for canceling accounts.

Double Charges

If there are multiple charges for the same month on your account, it could be because there were issues renewing an expired account or technical issues upon registering. If you do notice this, please contact us so we may investigate further into the matter and apple a refund if applicable. You must notify us within 90 days of the double charge to receive a refund. Please note that if you renew your account with new credit card information, you must log back into the site and cancel your first created account.

How to Receive a Refund

Once your refund has been approved by our Billing Department, please allow 5-7 business days for Remixed & Mashed to process the refund. The refund will be sent to the method of payment that we received from you. If you paid via credit card, your refund will be sent to that card. If you paid via Paypal, your refund will be sent to your Paypal account. Once the refund has been accepted, you will see it in your transactions.

All Sales are Final

Remixed & Mashed does not issue refunds except for double charges. The claim must be made within 90 days.