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How To Livestream DJ Sets

How To Livestream DJ Sets

With streaming now the “new gigging”, DJs the world over are wondering how to livestream DJ sets – scrambling to get in front of a camera and broadcast their DJ sets to their fans online. It can be great fun playing a “gig” and seeing people from all over the world tuned in and commenting.

Plus with the world as your stage, you’re potentially able to find an audience for your music, however specialized your tastes, if you work to find that audience and make a good job of your livestreams – so there’s actually an advantage in streaming vs gigging for DJs whose styles don’t fit with the gigs available where they live.

One of the first questions you’ll have to answer, though, is: “What should I stream from?”

So in this article, I’ll talk you through four ways to livestream DJ sets, including using things you definitely already have – that means if you’re under strict lockdown (like us at the time of writing), where even the post office is closed for non-essential stuff, you won’t have to wait for postal deliveries or the shops to open again to get started. Learn how here.

APR 3, 2020